Welcome to limburg lofts.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves and our fantastic pigeons. Firstly let’s give you some information on what organisations we fly in. Our club is Brunssum Limburgia it’s a strong club with over 40 members, Our federation is COMBINATIE ZWALUW 90 the cz90 has some very good fanciers in it and to win here is not easy by any means. Our provincial is Afdeling Limburg. We also fly in a duplication club it’s a lot like an amaland is called FONDCLUB HEUVELLAND. So they are our clubs.

Now on to who we are  I am Tommy Cuddy I am the owner of Limburg Lofts along with my son Tommy Cuddy junior. I have had pigeons since I was 10 years old and I now live in Thailand,I race pigeons there I have had a lot of success in Thailand. My son Tommy junior races in England in Ormskirk and he has also had a lot of success, but our main racing loft is in Bingelrade in South Limburg in the Netherlands, were we have a loft manager who looks after all the racing and breeding Andy has been a pigeon fancier all his life having been brought up with pigeons with his family.The results in Bingelrade are in our opinion second to none taking up to the first 28 positions from over 2000 pigeons have a look at our results page for further info.

Now let’s move on to our fantastic pigeons. I Have travelled all over Belgium and Holland and Germany in the last 10 years visiting some of the best lofts in europe, and I have purchased some fantastic pigeons on my travels including. 56 direct from Gaby Vandenabeele including 2 direct sons from the Rudy. We also purchased over 60 pigeons from the Antwerp master Bertels Corneel a fantastic sprint fancier [now deceased] and 0ver 60 from the wonderful father son partnership Maurice and Ivan Vandermissen very sadly Maurice is also deceased and Ivan has finished with the pigeons we bought the majority of the stock birds in 2016, We also bought a select draft of van Loon pigeons of louis van Loon before he passed away, So that brings us to Germany we visited Heiner Mandelartz this man has been at the top for many years he was purchasing direct Janssen pigeons for many years and established his own family of pigeons, we have over 120 in our breeding lofts ‘super fast pigeons’  they are. So thanks for reading our introduction hope you enjoy reading our results and looking at our pigeons.


Tommy Cuddy & the team at Limburg Lofts  




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